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Realistic Professional Focus Groups- Analyze your case before your jurors do.

Taking advantage of Strategic Multimedia’s focus groups, you can literally preview your case to a cross-section of potential jurors and get expert feedback to examine what will work and what will fail at trial.


Strategic’s Focus Groups are run by our staff and expert personnel to generate a life-like trial feel.  Real jurors are selected from a range of backgrounds and assembled for a condensed presentation of your case heard over several hours.  Testimony can be done live with your witnesses or using deposition video.  Jurors utilize focus group forms to critique each phase of the case - from opening statements, to direct and cross-examination.


All phases of the trial are recorded in HD video.  When the evidence is submitted and arguments are complete, jurors adjourn to our live deliberation room that is equipped with multiple cameras that allow live monitoring and recording for later review.  You get a rare glimpse into the way jurors will evaluate your case.


Each juror will use a Strategic Multimedia Evaluation form for all phases of your case, as well as an extensive feedback form at the end, which you can help construct to zero-in on areas you are most concerned with.


Also receive written feed back and case evaluation from a PhD Psychologist trained in human behavior who will oversee and evaluate your case from beginning to end - from jury selection to jury deliberations.